Packing light is a challenge. We have selected, rejected and weighed dozens of items in the process of coming up with our final lists. Packing one change of clothes for a 6-week journey just seems wrong, but that is our rule. In addition, we will take full raingear, in anticipation of walking for hours in the rain on many occasions.  I hope we are proven wrong there. In the mountains, we will need heavy layers; the plains will require light ones. I am preparing for a range of temperatures from 40 to 80 degrees. A light down jacket and smart wool layers are our plan. Don’t forget about extra socks, mini toiletries and a first aid kit to bring us up to our maximum weight. Stripping life down to the essentials builds character, right? Goodbye mascara!

My pack limit is 12 pounds, that’s before water, and John’s is 18. Did you know that one liter of water weighs 2.2 pounds?  That is just cruel, but we have no choice. One or two liters of water will be added, depending upon the locations of fountains that are shown on our map for each day’s walk. There will be a few days we might have to pack a lunch, but most days our food on board will be limited to snacks. We plan to enjoy the many cafes in villages along the way.

4 thoughts on “Gear-a-rama

  1. Trish, our prayers are with you every step of every day and every breath every night. Stay safe. Don’t forget “Bano or Servicio” means bathroom. “Papel higenico” toilet paper. Ask me if you need any words in Spanish. Love with you dear Patricia. b@e

  2. Patty McGuigan May 11, 2018 at 12:24 am

    Hurray for cafes ! Is a glass of vino allowed ?? ,,,, !,,,,
    Hope so , 😄

  3. Pat Callaghan May 11, 2018 at 5:16 pm

    You are my hero! Go bravely and proudly on this long anticipated journey. My thoughts are with you…and John while he is along! Thanks for letting me travel with you via your blog. Be safe, my friend!

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