Sorting out the Gear

Footwear Delights

500 hundred miles means a lot of stress on the feet. I only have 2 of them, so getting the footwear right has been JOB 1.  I started out in ankle boots, as recommended by both podiatrists. They were hot and too heavy. Over the last 6 months, my footwear selection has evolved toward lighter shoes and larger sizes.  All this walking (probably around 40 miles a week) has caused my feet to grow a full size, not exactly a desired effect.

At this point, I am switching back and forth between Oboz low hikers and Altra Lone Peak trail runners. The hiking shoes fit, but don’t have enough cushion and I end up with screaming metatarsals after mile 10.  The Altras are very light and balance the weight across the length of my foot because of their “zero drop” construction. I think I may go with them. Neither shoe makes much of a fashion statement, so if you follow me, be prepared for some ugly feet.

I have also chosen a pair of Ecco walking sandals for my “evening wear”. Since it will be cool in the Pyrenees, socks with sandals will be my new thing.


Alas, I must leave behind my beloved Osprey Stratos 24 in favor of a larger pack. Since I am taking a sleeping bag, I have to size up. This has brought me to the Osprey Mira 34 liter. It has the latest anti-gravity technology, so should be comfortable despite the larger size. I hope to float down the trail. John has also sized up to the Atmos 50.

My next post will show a picture of all our gear before it’s packed.

5 thoughts on “Sorting out the Gear

  1. Good luck! We’re following you.
    Donna and Dan

  2. Patty McGuigan May 11, 2018 at 12:41 am

    Socks and sandals could be a new “ fashion statement “ for Vero !

  3. Mark Hoffberher May 11, 2018 at 10:09 pm

    We are so excited for your adventure and discoveries. Stay safe, find meaning, be one in spirit with your dear Sam. With love to you and Johnny, Mark and Michael

  4. One step at a time, day by day. Love be with you.

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