Day 8 ( May 17) – Los Arcos to Viana: 12 miles

After yesterday’s horror of 18 miles, we started off a little late this morning with the idea of walking only 12 miles. Then, at some point (probably on a downhill stretch) we though it seemed like a good idea to push on to Logrono, another 18 miler. After many uphill pushes, we stopped at Viana for lunch and decided that, indeed, 12 miles was enough. We are staying here for the night! In the meantime, I bought and inserted new gel insoles into my shoes. No relief! Oh well. Foot pain is my daily cross to bear.

Today, we came across another Camino Karma spot, with a table of treats in return for only a “donation.” In this unlikely spot was a cooler of drinks, soothing music and a village of rock towers. So much unexpected along the way.

We keep crossing paths with people we met on our first night in Orisson. We are always happy to meet up with a pair of Spanish guys and an Australian couple, Angus and Alicia, to hear about their trip so far. They feel like old friends.

Our lunch in Viana was really pleasant. Delicious salads with grilled lamb and fish. Of course, vino tinto. A rare encounter with fresh food. Small towns in this part of Spain seem to be dying. The young people have left to work on the cities, with the towns now populated by older people. Most have a single store that sells loaves of bread (delivered from far away), a few pieces of fruit, snacks and some packaged food. It feels like the food deserts of Appalachia or inner city America. Most restaurants offer only paella and Italian dishes advertised on a pre-printed card, obviously frozen or out of a bag. Walking in the towns, small kitchen gardens are evident, so maybe the locals eat well, without sharing with the tourists. So, today’s lunch was a rare treat. Previously, I believe I was on the bread diet.

John and I have been walking together for 8 days. We count on each other for company, silly songs and reaching things we can’t stretch to get with our backpacks on. We are both starting to worry a little about how I’ll cope after he returns to the US in a few days. I must tell myself that just because the situation is unknown doesn’t make it bad. I think there are a world of potential walking companions out there. I’ll find them when I need them. They say ” the Camino provides” and I believe that is true.

10 thoughts on “Day 8 ( May 17) – Los Arcos to Viana: 12 miles

  1. Trish ,you have within you all that you need to go through any ordeals once John leaves. Can’t plan too far ahead ….day at a time. Xoxo Meta

  2. And just think you were a wee bit doubtful about John enjoying the walk with you….!
    I agree with Meta’s comment that you have all you need within, going forward.
    John will be able to be an even stronger angel on your shoulder, having real knowledge about what the experience is like. And, of course, Sam will provide you with continued motivation and love. I will also take this opportunity to thank Henry for his great support and love for his Mama as you continue this wonderful and heartfelt journey. I am sending you a virtual foot massage, and Pokey joins me in big Hugs!

  3. Thanks Meta and Carolie for your words of encouragement. The foot massage was much needed!

  4. I cannot say it any better than Meta and Carolie did so beautifully. Trish, you are the strongest woman I know! And I know that Sam is always with you. Lots of love, Liz

  5. I really loved the virtual foot massage …. but sit down and take off your shoes and rub your feet with lotion or aspercreme if you have it. You will be OK – keep on trekking.

  6. Trish, your year of planning and preparation for this journey will carry you forward when John leaves. Another day, another week, another chapter….you are a pilgrim and you will gather your strength each and every day from the other pilgrims along the way! Love all your posts, and pictures when wifi allows!

  7. Frank and Brienne Fiske May 18, 2018 at 8:49 pm

    The key is faith…. we all have faith in you to persevere and conquer. Carry on!

    Brienne & Frank

  8. Patty McGuigan May 19, 2018 at 2:59 am

    All beautifully said and only too add .. you are so strong and have worked so hard to get where you are and you will carry on and will do it ! All your friends “ rooting” for you , mon sweet ! Keep on Treking Trish !

    XxPatty andWalter

  9. pat callaghan May 20, 2018 at 12:40 pm

    Do not fear, Trish! You want to do this trek and you will. Your solitude after John leaves will be a new experience and you will find others who will become dear friends.
    Pat and Denis

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