Day 24 (June 2) Leon to Hospital de Orbigo (22 Miles)

Before I begin to describe the day, let me alleviate any possible concern. I am not in the hospital. In fact, the name of the town where I have landed for the night is Hospital de Orbigo. It derives from the hospitality that has been provided to pilgrims for centuries by the local residents.

Today is my thirty-ninth wedding anniversary. I am so sad not to be with John on this special day. Together, we have experienced grand adventures, boundless joys and a great tragedy. But it seems that all of those have made our bond stronger. I send loving wishes to my dear husband, my support team for this trek and for life.

Today’s walk was a bear. It started off as a 20.5 miler. I figured, why not, after a nice rest day? Thanks to a missed turn and forgotten walking sticks, I added at least another mile and a half. The trail followed the N-120 the whole way and seemed endless. I left Leon at 7:45am and arrived at my B&B at 5:00 pm. I made 4 brief stops, but otherwise was walking the whole time. As I write this four hours later, my feet are still throbbing. Tomorrow will be a lighter day!

Of course, on my hardest day, I couldn’t just end up in a peaceful little town. Oh no, I hit the annual Medieval Festival. I couldn’t get anywhere near the jousting, but got my share of medieval music and dance. The towns folk really get into the act.

I couldn’t resist my picture with a dragon.

The Spanish take their street food very seriously.

The first one is meat of all varieties. The carousel over charcoal was about 10 feet in diameter. The second shot is various sea creatures, fried to a crisp.

All of this is fun to see, but I am tired. My room is on the front of the hotel, at ground level and the party is right outside. There is no sign of things quieting down for a while. The torchlight parade doesn’t start until 1:00 am! Oh, those Spanish.

19 thoughts on “Day 24 (June 2) Leon to Hospital de Orbigo (22 Miles)

  1. Trish

    I just looked at your photos and when I saw you in front of the dragon I thought “Ok – this is where Sam got his good looks”.
    Also, Quentin is cooking dinner and he has Alexa on. She played “Black Bird”. We both remember that from Sam’s memorial. I got very teary eyed and had to send you this comment. Lo and behold, I went upstairs to my office and found your latest post. So. That is your Sam sighting for the day compliments of Alexa.
    Congratulations on your 39th wedding anniversary. What a milestone.

    Thinking of you every day sista!

    xo Mag

  2. Happy Anniversary !
    Such accomplishments each day
    Love is those series of life experiences
    How blessed you are to have each other!

  3. Happy Anniversary cousin John and Trish. I see bits of my dad in John only John still has all his teeth. How fortunate you are to have each other as well as Henry and Sam! What a wonderful adventure this trek is.xo

  4. John the Proud Husband June 2, 2018 at 10:48 pm

    Hey. Who’s that old man in the picture with you?! I’m jealous.

  5. Patty McGuigan June 2, 2018 at 11:04 pm

    Happy Anniversary Trish and John ! Continue to love all your pics , Trish … hope you sleep well tonite ! Happy feet ! XX

  6. pat callaghan June 2, 2018 at 11:16 pm

    Happy Anniversary, Trish and John! And Trish…you might as well go out in the street and dance, since it sounds like you won’t get much sleep tonite! 😻

  7. Barbara Robinson June 2, 2018 at 11:25 pm

    Happy Anniversary to you both. Send love and wishes for a safe trip. ❤️

  8. Happy anniversary!! 39 years is an enviable accomplishment, and your strength together through the good and bad even more so. Although you can’t be together today, think about how awesome your reunion and celebration of your accomplishment will be when you’re done! Take it easy tomorrow! Love Nick & Dan

  9. Sally Spilman June 3, 2018 at 1:53 am

    Happy Anniversary! Your journey is an inspiration…together and separately….thank you for sharing.

  10. Happy Anniversary, dear neighbors! This trek of yours is an inspiration to us all. Much love and happiest wishes, Sandy

  11. Happy 39th wedding bliss.
    Glad your tough day ended at such a festive activity.
    Fleeting the every day thought and being medival renaissance festival…..WOW rest later…😎🤣😥

  12. Happy anniversary to you and John ! Hope tomorrow will be a shorter walk as it sounds like too much merriment in town for much sleep…perhaps they heard it was your anniversary????
    Love your pics…that food is amazing, love street food!!

  13. Mark Hoffberger June 3, 2018 at 3:04 pm

    Happy Anniversary, Trish and Johnny!!!

  14. Happy Anniversary to both of you!!!
    Trish, congrats on your remarkable soulful pilgrimage.
    Quiet determination has always been one of your many virtues…
    Via con Dios

  15. Brian Weatherford June 3, 2018 at 3:27 pm

    Happy Anniversary! What an amazing trip! Thank you for sharing…

  16. CONGRATULATIONS TRISH AND JOHN!!!! On many counts…esp the 39 years! Trish you are an inspiration. Now that I’m receiving your blog – am all caught up and envious of your experience/s. I agree w/ some of the others above… doubt you got much sleep last night – ah! but the memory of the event will stay with you, for sure.
    Cheers! from C’town!
    Emily and Jim

  17. Happy 39th Anniversary!!! What a milestone!!! Your pilgrimage is very inspirational Trish. Best wishes on the journey (both external and internal)!!!

  18. Trish,
    Jenn and I have been following your trek every day. We anticipate each day’s journal eagerly. The writing is informative and endearing, much like the author! Be safe and strong.

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