Day 18 (May 27) Bocadillo del Camino to Carrion de los Condes – 16.5 miles

Today I started off alone. I was glad of that, as words may have spoiled this peaceful beauty.

As I walked down a canal side path, the music of the morning began. was almost as if the creatures were calling and responding to one another.

I soon ran into Mickey, John and Arlo at a coffee stop. We walked together for the rest of the day. Lunch was at a cafe next to a Palomare, a 19th C dovecote. The inside had been cleaned, so we went in for a look. Amazing that a farmer would build this house and the doves would just move right in.

As we walked on, I talked with John, an engineer, about his life as the child of Irish pub owners. They lived over the store and he washed a lot of glasses as a youth. He has accomplished much since then and shared his views on Brexit and the British heath system. Interesting.

After my post walk shower, laundry and foot treatment, we met in the square for a beer. Then our group of five had dinner and attended the Pilgrim’s Mass. A nun, who played guitar and sang with a sweet, clear voice, gave us paper stars and told us to “always remember to look up.”

11 thoughts on “Day 18 (May 27) Bocadillo del Camino to Carrion de los Condes – 16.5 miles

  1. Trish
    I just logged on to read about your journey. Will catch up on the other days. I’m so amazed by your courage to go alone from here on out.
    Safe travels and God be with you❤️
    Your old neighbor,

  2. So happy to see blue skies and sunshine for this part of your trek. Loved your post… paper stars and singing nuns, how great is that!

  3. Paw-Paw will be sending song birds to cheer your way.
    Toy Wil be keeping them in tune.
    Daisy been waiting to help.
    Stars a plenty and my second and last glass of wine.
    I Pray Jesus guide your helpers

  4. Rosalie Sellman May 28, 2018 at 12:54 am

    Trish, I’ve been looking forward to reading your blog each day .. You are an absolutely amazing woman,and your journey will surely help you with your recovery—Also, hope that John is doing well-my very best wishes to both of you, Rosalie Sellman

  5. Patty McGuigan May 28, 2018 at 1:11 am

    I love following your journey and blog …. Maybe Trish a “ book in the Making “! …. love your insights .. XX

  6. Trish,

    You may or may not run into Bart Harvey who is also walking the same a you. His daughter is staying with me and reading about your journey. She is inspired and will be next to walk that way hopefully with me.

    We love the scenery that you describe. New England ( at least Boston ) is still in a drizzly fog on and off with some beautiful days peaking out in between. We wish we were where you are. So brave to do solo.

    Much Love,
    Tina & Nellie

    Your journey

  7. Patrick Jarosinski May 28, 2018 at 2:06 pm


    Thanks for keeping us updated on your rigorous journey. The descriptions of the landscape and insights on the people are so vivid, I feel like I am there Camino with you, without all of the foot pain! I particularly like all of the photos of the architecture. Keep up the energy, keep looking up to the sky and never forget why you are making the journey.
    Happy Memorial Day!


  8. Trish
    The star from the nun was your Sam sighting of the day!


  9. I have adored spending time with you. I know God will bless your journey. You are an amazing woman. Glad that our paths have crossed.

  10. Trish,
    What a wonderful thing you and John are doing! I’ve just had the chance to catch up on your blog. Wow, Rick Steves better look out! Sounds like there’s a lot happening on this trip and you are soaking it all in. I’m looking forward to your continued trip highlights.

    Jodi Marini

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