Day 30 (June 9) Biduedo to San Mamed do Camino (14 Miles)

It did rain today, but not until after I finished my walk and just as I went to hang my laundry on the line. I got lucky because the radiators in the house turned on shortly thereafter and I laid the laundry out to bake. It should be cooked by the time the radiators turn off at 10:00 pm. That is the standard here. It is expected that all good pilgrims will be tucked into their sleeping bags by then.

The sunshine created good vibes today. After yesterday’s all-day rain, everyone was smiling on the trail. Except for one American woman, who accused me of trying to steal her walking sticks at a cafe. I showed her that they were mine, identified by small compasses laid into the tops of each handgrip, and she relented. The sticks came tricked out like that, but interestingly, the compasses on each stick point in different directions. I don’t think I’ll rely on them.

The landscape was hilly, green and beautiful. It was a red-letter day for cows. You know I love cows and this is dairy cow country. I was excited to see the local breed, the Galego, a red, long horned variety, among others.

The small villages, the stone walls and buildings, the weathered wood and ancient trees have me transfixed.

I saw an 800 year old chestnut tree. Hard to image how the world has changed in its lifetime.

I stayed at simple Albergue tonight. Back to drying after my shower with a travel towel that feels like a paper towel and has the absorbency of ultrasuede. Back to the sleep sack. The highlight of this place was a community dinner. Fabulous, vegetarian and homemade. We had great hosts and a great crew. (And, yet again, another bad guest photographer.)

The welcome was heartfelt.

As a final note, I’ll say that I am 75% through my Camino trek. I have loved every step, each one made more meaningful by the purpose of this journey, to honor Sam and raise funds for his scholarship fund.

Coincidentally, we are roughly at 75% of our fundraising goal — in dollars. In terms of supporters, we have had donations from 165 individual donors and that’s 100,000% of goal!!! When CU gave me that count, I was shaken. To know that so many people have cared is everything. Whether you have contributed because you want to show support for me or John personally, were a friend of Sam’s, are a CU affiliate, or just stumbled into this blog and can’t get out, you are all now crusaders in the fight against addiction. Thank you ALL.

12 thoughts on “Day 30 (June 9) Biduedo to San Mamed do Camino (14 Miles)

  1. Rosaliesellman June 9, 2018 at 9:38 pm

    Trish, I am hooked on your blog. I Don’t go to sleep until I find out how your day was! I am amazed that you have maintained your wonderful sense of humor throughout many discomforts. It looks as if you’ll meet your goal. I did contribute, but if you are short at the end, I will make another contribution, this time for you and your bravery.

  2. Philip c iglehart June 9, 2018 at 9:57 pm

    I am a late joiner Trish ,thanks to John

    You have committed to a mission that takes an extraordinary focus of a persons potential—all cylinders firing day in and day out for months

    The journeys experiences are amazing and I am as excited for your mission for Sam as I am for you Trish


  3. Patty McGuigan June 9, 2018 at 11:45 pm

    You continue to amaze me … so strong are you ! GoGo Miss Trish …. XX

  4. Trish,
    I was worried yesterday too when I didn’t get an email. Actually it’s hard to believe you’ve had as much connectivity as you have, given the remoteness of your location.
    Loved the cows! And the baby chicks. The dogs too! The sweetness of animals must bring a smile to your weary face when they appear. A deer stepped out of the brush on the path I was walking in Nantucket this morning…I stopped to smile (and snap a pic of course). I thought of you… how amazed you must be as so many beautiful, ancient and surprising things appear at every turn on your magnificent journey! I’m betting you are smiling a lot.

  5. Ned & Olivia Welbourn June 10, 2018 at 1:06 am

    i must admit, our hearts skipped a beat when we did not get a Day 29 post after the loss of walking sticks… O & I were wondering how we could summon the NSA to get a satellite fix on you… Thankfully it was only the moutains that conspired to hold up the tranmisission. Love and lots of energy from Chattolanee !!

  6. Katherine Cerullo June 10, 2018 at 2:16 am

    I think of you each day but I don’t worry. I know that even if you face adversity, you weather it (no pun intended), including presenting your case to the woman who unwisely mounted a challenge regarding your sticks! I promise you the food is SO good in Santiago de Compostella you will forget anything meagre along the way. xx KC

  7. Wonderful pictures that make us feel that we are there with you. My favorite is the one with the car in the garage with the tractor guarded by the dogs and the bananas! We look forward to your return and to hear more tales of your adventures on this incredible pilgrimage. xxx, Sandy

  8. I too look forward to each post, and will miss them when you have finished your pilgrimage!
    Are you on the “French route”? Perhaps, at some point, you could upload a photo of the route you have taken, with the villages along the way.
    It is lovely to think you have 169plus angels walking beside you on this journey, myself included.
    Take care, Carolie

  9. Trish,

    You’re almost there. Congratulations sista! I think you had a couple of Sam sightings today!


  10. I am in Cinque Terre, Italy and read your wonderful blog. Great going toward your goal for CU !

  11. Dear Trish…following your journey has been just wonderful….There are many people out there that are living vicariously through what you are doing…..In 1977 Carolie and I did a similar type of trip but on a sailboat where we took the three kids out of school for a year.( as I know you are aware) That was close to 40 years ago and I can almost remember everything that happened each day…..Not one regret to this day…..Your life is going to be different after this and all I can say is ENJOY THE RIDE…..You and John and of course Sam are moving to a higher level……..A wonderful accomplishment….Pokey

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