Day 33 (June 12) Palas de Rei to Arzua (18.5 Miles)

Today it rained only enough to refill the puddles and require me to put my rain suit on and take it back off again. That’s okay because it fired up a great frog concert. (Turn up your volume.)

An hour into my walk, I ran into Miguel and Roberto. They invited me to join them for lunch in Spain’s best pulpería, of course, a restaurant that specializes in pulpo. Roberto had been anticipating this visit since the beginning of the trip. Although I had a very long walk ahead, I could not resist the invitation. It was a lively, authentic place, filled with long tables and benches. Roberto knew just what to order, pulpo and potatoes. He seasoned them perfectly with paprika and crunchy salt. It was fantastic! The most flavorful, tender pulpo ever. I had 3 hours of waking ahead of me after lunch, so, sadly, I couldn’t stay until they finished. I left them drinking a bottle of white wine with smiles and promises to meet in Santiago.

During the morning, we crossed paths with my friend, Marcela, from Columbia. I was so happy to see her at that stage, as the last time we were together, she was suffering from severe knee pain. I learned that just after we had separated, she had gone to the hospital in Villafranca and gotten an injection. That allowed her to get back on the trail, though she promptly developed tendonitis in her ankle. She was moving slowly and painfully. I feel so badly for all the people on this trek who have developed serious injuries and am SO GRATEFUL that I have been spared. My only issues are tired feet at night and a cough. With only a few days to go, I’ll be fine. Though I will need a good rest when I get home.

The afternoon passed slowly, though the walk through eucalyptus forests was interesting. I learned that the trees are grown for pulp (not pulpo).

Since there’s nothing else to show, I’ll show you cute. How about kittens and the littlest Camino walker?

Just before I arrived in Azura, I ran into my friend Karsten. Chris, her boyfriend, is 5k behind. He walks at his own pace, which is good.

Since we’re in different towns tonight, we can’t have dinner together. But we, also made plans to meet in Santiago.

I’m looking forward to seeing all of my Camino friends at the end of the trail. Only two days of walking until Santiago!

15 thoughts on “Day 33 (June 12) Palas de Rei to Arzua (18.5 Miles)

  1. Katherine Cerullo June 12, 2018 at 9:26 pm

    You have a lot of new friends – bravo! But what will your old friends do when posts from the trek end (soon)??!!
    Please treat yourself well in Santiago de Compostella!
    xx Kathy

  2. Trish,
    Two more days!! I can’t believe it. And what a reunion you’ll have with all of the people with whom you’ve shared this incredible experience ! Hopefully, also, you’ll have some serious R&R. As in spa time. Can’t wait to hear how you describe your arrival at the finish line!

  3. What a blessing and sense of accomplishment to have just 2 days left!! Martina and I have been so impressed with your stamina and perseverance!! If I’m correct I think you might still have a day of rest in the bank(?). Onward!!

  4. William Martin June 13, 2018 at 12:31 am

    Thrilled to get on this site!
    What an exciting adventure for such a. cause. Such a voyage so proud to know you! It is like knowing earnest Shackleton who went to Antarctica!
    Hope your feet are kind to you !
    Best and love, Bill Martin

  5. Yea, yea,yea!
    Keep those feet moving, soul singing and feet moving !
    Almost there !!!!! Wow oh wow!
    Love, punky

  6. Patty McGuigan June 13, 2018 at 12:47 am

    Go Go … can’t believe you , my friend , are almost there … Bravo Trish – What a story to tell and what an amazing accomplishment ! All so cheering for you ! All so proud of you and admire your incredible resolve ! XX Patty

  7. Trisha,
    Cousin Jeff here I just got back into TN from Houston. My trek is nothing as interesting nor as exhausting as you have accomplished. You are truly an inspiration to keep up with. We’re I able I certainly would have traveled the trail with or behind you.
    Congratulations on a trek well done and continued wellness and completion in you trek.
    Have you tried Hot water honey and lemon for you cough?🤔🤗
    Really be nice to see you on your return to the States.
    I’m going to Whitney’s wedding July 6th in Denver where she resides with Greg her future husband.

  8. Beverly Moore June 13, 2018 at 4:36 am

    Dearest Trish – Arzua – that is sooooo amazingly huge – from the moment you told me seemingly ages ago about your destination I knew this point, but only as a vision not the real thing – and here you are, the last major point before Santiago.

    You have carried your pack the entire way – my intense prayer is that you can lay it down.

    All love to you and John and dearest Henry and Sam – xo Beverly

  9. Congrats on your wonderful progress Trish!
    So happy that you are well!!
    Can’t wait to see you on your return—you look so happy😁!
    Love and Cheers

  10. Bonjour Trish,
    It’s just merveilleux !!
    You’re such a wonderful woman, you inspire me a lot, it was already like that 25 years in Baltimore.
    Just Bravo, I hope that you have found some answers , and won some peaceful mind.
    Our home is open if you want to rest for a couple of days before going back to america.
    Je t embrasse. Béa

  11. Dear Trish,

    Traveling w my family ( CA) and I still can’t wait for each of your posts! Keep trying to take mini hikes in your honor. You are almost there- there really are no words. What an amazing journey that you have carried your Family and All on‼️Just Heard this song flying into Dan Diego -had to share the beginning lyrics as you Hail to Santiago💒:cheers🍻 prayers 🙏and lots of love😘

    “We were born before the wind
    Also younger than the sun
    Ere the bonnie boat was won
    As we sailed into the mystic“

    Into The Mystic, Van Morrison

    Thank you for all yr sharing❌⭕️Tina

  12. You are almost at the finish…bravo for your braveness and perseverance!! I have so enjoyed following your trek through this blog….you were so wonderful to share so much of this spiritual journey with your friends back home. I have loved every photo and every word you have written!! God bless you Trish!!!

  13. Brian Swisher June 13, 2018 at 1:55 pm

    TWO MORE DAYS. WOW. I feel like yesterday the blog started. I am truly amazed at how far people push themselves on the Camino, yourself and John included. It is empowering. When I am feeling unmotivated/lazy in my simple Maryland life, I am going to think of your friend Marcela and how she continues to push through despite her injuries.

    Looking forward to your final destination post! It will be an awesome reunion with other pilgrims (now friends) that you have met along your journey. Celebrate and enjoy! You are a ROCKSTAR!

  14. Hello from America! Trish you are almost there . I will miss all your photos and inspiration from your journey. It’s great you are having a rendezvous with all your trail friends . !!! We are leaving tomorrow to go hiking in the Italian Alps and will be thinking of you . Have a nice rest when you get home Will call you when we get back in 2 weeks . Love Leslie

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