Day 7 – Lorca to Los Arcos (18 miles)

( I will post no pictures today. The WiFi connection is so poor, downloads are impossible. I hope to catch you up tomorrow. Sorry you have to miss this beautiful scenery.) This was my first 18 mile hike with a pack. The pack was supposed to weigh 14 pounds, but, when I weighed it in the Pilgrim Office in St. …


Day 6: Uterga to Lorca (12 miles)

(Due to poor WiFi connections this blog post was delayed by a day.) Today’s walk took us through the first almond and olive groves and vineyards we have seen. The path was lined with wild flowers. It was mostly a dirt path, though at one point we were walking along a cobbled Roman road, only to turn the corner and …


Day 5 (May 14) Pamplona to Urtega

We spent the early morning checking out Pamplona. Did a quick pass by the bull ring. Not much to see without the bulls in action. Then we joined a mass at the Catedral Santa Maria, where we took the time to reflect and pray. Lots to pray for in this world. Afterward, we moved on to the Plaza de Castilla …


May 14th Thank You Note

While we’re thankful for the scenery, the new people we’ve met and the new experiences we have had in Spain so far, we’re especially thankful for our friends back in the U.S. First, let me say thanks to the crew at Fractl, the agency run by dear friends, who put together my website and blog. A gorgeous and well-organized site …


Day 4 (May 13) Zubiri to Pamplona -13 miles

Today’s walk included a little rain, a little sun and a little mud, but overall was very pleasant. For a good part of the day, we followed the Rio Agra, a beautiful clear stream. We crossed the ancient bridge at Puente de Magdalena , dating to the 12th C. And made our way into Pamplona, following the old city walls. …